Our Hand Warmers Will Protect Your Hands In The Rainy Or Cold Day
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  • These motorcycle hand warmers provide protection from wind & rain.

  • You no longer have to wear heavy gloves for motorcycle riding in cold weather. Knuckle Warmers can keep your hands warm.

  • Our hand warmers are effective because you still have visibility of all controls on your motorcycle handlebars.

  • Our handlebar covers are easy & fast to install – no wires to hook into the motorcycle handlebars.

  • We produce hand warmers for motorcycles of every make & model.

  • KnuckleWarmers are easy to remove & store.

  • These hand warmers were designed for motorcycle riding in cold weather by an avid motorcycle rider.

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    I have been using the Knuckle Warmers for sometime now and have been very impressed. I went from using heated gloves last year to regular gloves this year. By blocking the wind and rain it allows your fingers to maintain the heat far better. I ride year around and in all weather, from as low as 28 degrees this system works.

    – Bruce Lougheed