Our Hand Warmers Will Protect Your Hands In The Rainy Or Cold Day
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Hi, I’m Brian Walker the founder of Knuckle Warmers. I was motivated to develop these motorcycle wind protectors for a couple of reasons.

First, I didn’t like having to wear heavy gloves while riding in the winter. They made my hands cramp and the fingers were so big that I could not hit the correct controls on my motorcycle handlebars.

Second, I couldn’t find anything in the marketplace that I thought would serve as a viable wind deflector with insulated protection from the rain. So I started thinking and ended up sitting at the sewing machine! After numerous prototypes, I am pleased to offer you a product that I think you’ll be pleased with.


$104.99 is the price for a standard pair of Knuckle Warmers. For non-standard orders, you provide us with the appropriate information and then we provide a price for the customer order. The following are considered custom orders.

  • Fabric other than the standard black canvas with black fleece or flag-material lining.
  • Customized handlebars or Bikes with front turn lights placed below hadlebars.
  • The addition of logos or designs.

Fabric/Color Option

The fabric we use to make the Knuckle Warmers is a black canvas that we then waterproof. The hand warmers are lined with black fleece or flag material. This makes for a handwarmer that is wind and water proof.


Would you like a logo or image on your Knuckle Warmers? Request this custom feature.

Customized Knuckle Warmers

We can customize your set of Knuckle Warmers. Would you like a different fabric, leather? We can do that. Would you like a different color – one that better matches your motorcycle? We can do that too. And, as we stated above, we can add your favorite logo or image. We are happy to entertain your requests. Just go to the contact page and send us a request.