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How To Ride A Motorcycle On A Hill Tips

I want to talk about very important thing : how to ride a motorcycle on a hill or slope. Do you want to learn how to stop and take off on a hill or slope? I have some tips for you! Even a small motorcycle is hard

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Description on Motorcycle & ATV HandWarmers

Inventor Brian D. Walker Title of Invention Motorcycle/ATV Hand Warmers Knucklewarmers Customer #90058 Inventor Brian D. Walker Title of Invention Motorcycle/ATV Hand Warmers Customer #90058 SPECIFICATION: [0001] In cold weather, a motorcycle/all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rider has to wear thick gloves to keep his/her hands warm. By doing

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Iron Horse Trail Motorcycle Show

Hi Everybody Next weekend ( May 1st & 2nd) I will be one of the vendors at a bike show out in Ellensburg, Wa. You can check out what is happening at the event here at Bikes Show Look for the banner of Iron Horse Trail Motorcycle

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Motorcycle handlebars compatible with Knucklewarmers

1. All stock Harley-Davidson handlebar grips 2. Victory motorcycles stock grips 3. Some custom made motorcycle handlebar grips* 4. Honda cruising motorcycles (stock handlebars) See pictures below. *Some knucklewarmers on those pictures were custom made in the order. Request custom made knucklewarmers for your custom handlebar grips.

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One bad day riding

I was thinking I would hop on my Harley ride a short 15 minute and have some fun at a party. I was looking forward to a couple drinks and visit with friends. I never did make to the party. I just got on the freeway and

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Review On Custom Motorcycle Gear That Help Keep Hands Warm

The last year of making Knuckle Warmers have taught me a lot. What worked for me may or may not have worked for others. What I do have is a very good basic design and this basic design I have can be modified to many other motorcycles

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