Our Hand Warmers Will Protect Your Hands In The Rainy Or Cold Day
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Return Policy

Our return policy based on.

1) Why item has been returned

2) The condition of returned item.

If you did not liked our product for any reason you can return it.

The amount we will refund you will be based on:

The condition of returned item ( clean and looking unused)
And the reason of why you are dissatisfied with a product.

We ask question: Why item has been returned? So we can provide the best shopping experience to the next customer.

Exchange Policy

If we shipped you a wrong fit by our mistake and you want to exchange for a better fit the exchange will be free of charge. Same rule applicable if knucklewarmer came defective. Follow these instructions:

1) If you take pictures of knucklewarmers fitted your bike, we will be able see where we did a mistake.

2) You have to ship the old pair back with tracking number.

3) We ship you a new pair and refund you money for the shipping of pair you return.

!!! Make sure the old pair will be good looking for sale. You must follow instructions on handling the return. ( See below)

When you are returning a pair because you have changed your mind you will get a refund after receiving our product back. We will inspect the pair and make sure it is in same condition before it was shipped to you. Then we will return you money back. We charge 10% of stocking and handling fee. The shipping fees in this case are NOn REFUNDABLE. We also want to know why you want to return a product, so we can make our product better and serve our customers in a better way.

Handling a return

When you are returning item, please send us back the knucklewarmers and everything that was included in a package. You can return the item in same plastic bag for your convenience. Please don’t squish the knucklewarmers, but instead keep a bubble packaging inside of KW. If we will find knucklewarmers squished in the package with a purpose and a pair got damaged from it, we will refund you only 50% of their cost. Missed pieces such as packaging, additional velcro, black caring bag and (In some cases) additional plastic inserts will be deducted from the refund.

Please watch the video of an installation the knucklewarmers before telling us that they don’t fit. In most cases watching this video will help to solve the problem. 🙂

We do not process refunds on weekends and Holidays.